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Testimonials (Successories)

We value our patients' experience at Northlake Chiropractic...If you are a current patient of Northlake Chiropractic, please feel free to download and print the following Successories Form. The following is a Word document, and requires Microsoft Word to print the form. Click Here to download form.

Northlake Chiropractic
Dr. Leslie

I had been living with discomfort and a loss of neck mobility for many years before a chance meeting with Dr. Leslie. A horrific chiropractic experience at another doctor had left me extremely skeptical that chiropractic manipulation could help alleviate my neck pain but I decided to give it another try before pursuing drug or surgical based procedures. Dr. Leslie worked with me very slowly and patiently eased my fears and with a short period of time her chiropractic therapy had completely eliminated my neck pain.

I now have complete mobility in my neck, and even the occasional lower back discomfort I had been experiencing is completely alleviated. Dr. Leslie’s chiropractic care continues to be a “quality of life” therapy that I would not want to live without!

Larry C.

"As a person who for years has been seen by many doctors and chiropractors for a bad back, I had never met anyone who was able to provide relief or been as caring as Dr. Leslie. She has been working with me for a while and the pain which I had when I first came to her has subsided. I have been a handful, but she never gave up on me. She has been very patient. She takes of her precious time to give back to the community in many ways. Because of her interest in others she has started a program in teaching other on how to stay healthy. I thank God for bringing her to Charlotte. I pray that God would bless them abundantly."

Isabel G.

"After experiencing a herniated disk in my lower back, I sought immediate help for the constant pain and I wanted to know what I could do to prevent it from happening again. An Orthopedic Surgeon told me to continue with my physical therapy and sent me on my way with a prescription for the pain.

Months went by without any real relief. The constant pain was not only affecting my physical abilities but my emotional wellbeing too. Depression was setting in and I would sit and cry because I didn’t want to live the pain for the rest of my life. I was even afraid to puck up my own baby daughter from her crib because I was so afraid of the pain getting worse.

I was encouraged to seek chiropractic care by my Sister-in-law who used to have chronic back pain. She said it was the only thing that helped her. I was fortunate to have met Dr. Leslie and after discussing my symptoms with her I felt confident she would do what she could to help me.

The results I’ve received through her care have been wonderful! Thanks to her aggressive up front treatment, I quickly began to feel my back and neck move more freely and the pain was subsiding. Through her continued care I am pain free and I feel great! Thank you Dr. Leslie for giving me back my life!"

Gina S.

"I have suffered from lower back pain for most of my adult life, especially when I need to stand for long periods of time. Six months ago I decided to try Northlake Chiropractic. Being new to the area I did not know what to expect. So, I literally just walked in and wow! I was immediately impressed with Dr. Leslie's professionalism, personality and her absolute dedication to helping people. She takes all the time you need, listens to what you say and explains everything so you always know what is going on. Since then, my wife and two children are now regular patients as well. For the first time in years, I enjoyed a weeks vacation without any back pain. I cannot say enough good things about these good people. Dr. Leslie are simply the best."

Nick A.

"My first experience with chiropractic was as a teenager. My parents began going to a chiropractor who was very intent on family chiropractic and education, so my siblings and I went each week with our parents for adjustments and health talks. I learned a great deal about chiropractic and even as a young person it helped with my allergies and just made me feel better. As a young adult I was in several car accidents, over the course of a few years, so I returned to chiropractic care. It became a vital part of my healthcare from then on! My husband also began going to a chiropractor in his early twenties because his job as a firefighter constantly put strain on his neck and back.

When we moved to Charlotte we were very concerned about finding another “good” chiropractor. We tried a well known practice in town and were very disappointed with the care we received. Then a friend told us about Northlake Chiropractic. The moment we walked in we knew this was going to be a great chiropractic experience. Dr. Leslie is very concerned with her patient’s health and well-being and this translates into the time she takes with each patient. I have a chronic illness which causes me extreme pain and Dr. Leslie is very in-tune with my needs. Her background in massage therapy has also helped me greatly because her adjustments are so muscle oriented. My husband’s neck and back pain are also vastly improved and the majority of his days now exclude pain. Dr. Leslie are very focused on educating their patients about chiropractic, healthy eating, and so many other healthy lifestyle choices. To our family this is the definition of a true health care professional so we are very happy to be under their care!"

Jenni S. & Tim S.

"I started receiving adjustments from Dr. Leslie Macklin approximately six months ago, upon the recommendation of my sister-in-law.

Before chiropractic care I was suffering from headaches, neck, and back pain for a number of years where my headaches were increasing and lasting for a longer period of time. Some of my headaches would last weeks at a time! I tried many different kinds of aspirin and while some worked better than others I found myself taking more and more just to try and relieve the tension in my head.

At about the same time I began receiving adjustments, I met with my regular family doctor to discuss my headaches as they were really beginning to affect my every day life. She insisted that I get a CT SCAN (which was a good idea) to make sure I had no other serious problems. Thankfully I didn’t but that didn’t necessarily relieve me of my headaches.

So I continued to give chiropractic care a chance to see if it would help alleviate my headaches. At first I was going to Dr. Leslie’s office three times a week and I have to say after the first several weeks I actually started to notice a difference. Almost immediately after receiving chiropractic care I was hardly using any kind of medication to relieve my headaches. Simply using cold packs and some of the Bio-Freeze helped me to reduce my headaches in between my appointments. Also, Dr. Leslie helped me to understand what could be causing some of my headaches (like not drinking enough water, the pillow I use to sleep on, etc), which has helped me with focusing on correcting those things.

After about six months of chiropractic care I am only receiving adjustments once a week and my headaches are almost non-existent. I very rarely use any medications (with the exception of my allergy medication) and I feel a whole lot better. I’ve also entered a weight loss contest at my workplace and have been doing that for the last two months. To date I have lost nearly 30 pounds and feel better than I have in a long time.

For any of you out there suffering from headaches I would strongly recommend checking into chiropractic care. It has certainly helped me get back on track to enjoying life again!"

Craig M.

"I first came to Northlake Chiropractic because my head and neck had completely seized up. I couldn't turn my head in any direction without horrible pain. Apparently I had done the ultimate "sleeping on it funny" due to a combination of trying to sleep sitting up from a bad sinus infection and relaxing from being pregnant. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but a friend recommended Dr. Leslie. They soon put me completely at ease with their compassion and friendly sense of humor. Because I had done such a number on myself, Dr. Leslie wasn't able to fix me in one visit, but after the first session I was able to move my head again, which was considerable progress! I left each successive visit feeling better than before.

Along the way, Dr. Leslie also helped me with day-to-day pregnancy-related problems like hip/leg pains. I had trouble with "false sciatica" with my first pregnancy, and this pregnancy was much more comfortable with Dr. Leslie's help. I didn't realize that the hip/leg pain was something that could be fixed. I wish I had Dr. Leslie around the first time!

I am glad that I came to Northlake, because it has taught me to be so much more aware of what my body is telling me."

Katherine K.

"Having seen several Chiropractors for over 25 years, I was well familiar with the treatment process. My routine had been to go in for treatments for a few months, then some near-debilitating pain (usually due to my own neglect) would force me to go back and repeat the process all over again in two or three years. I assumed my experience at Northlake Chiropractic would be no different. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

They patiently took the time to explain the causes of my pains, the methods used to correct them, and what my role was to maintain those corrections. Treatments were painless, and his sense of humor, and endless health tips have made the whole process enjoyable. In a few short weeks he was able to relieve my lower back pain and eliminate a limp that prevented me from walking even short distances. Finally able to get up and get some badly needed exercise, I was grateful for the treatments and relief, and expected that to be the end of it (until next time).

I was surprised that Dr. Leslie take an interest in all their patients collectively, no matter who you primarily see, and taking up Dr. Leslie’s offer to join one of her “Health Challenge” classes was a totally unexpected bonus. After less than 10 weeks of the challenge, I was not only exercising regularly, but had lost 10 pounds (and counting), and eating a much healthier diet as well. This has had a tremendous impact on my overall health, and has even surprised my primary care physician. My cholesterol level has been cut nearly in half, blood pressure lowered to normal level, and I no longer have to routinely test for diabetes. I’m also able to stop taking several expensive prescription drugs.

I really only expected a few adjustment sessions, but with all of the positive support and encouragement shown by Dr. Leslie (as well as other Northlake patients), I’m healthier now than I’ve been in years – in both mind and body - a totally unexpected, but no less welcome result.

I’ve learned there is a big difference between “treatment” and “care”. I came to Northlake Chiropractic to get treatment, what I got was care. So thanks Dr. Leslie - I’m looking forward to the new me!"

Rich H.